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How we plan to meet your demands and grant you excellence service.
It should also be noted that our artisans are well oriented and trained so be rest assured of excellent service

  1. Step 1
  2. The Admin manager receives the request from the client and calls within the range of 30-60 seconds. Whereby he/she inquires the following questions from our client

    1.Where exactly are you?

    2.What exactly is wrong with the vehicle(The nature of the job needing attention maybe it's mechanical or electrical.)

    3.How do you intend to pay cash, POS or transfer (Medium of payment.)

  1. Step 2
  2. Immediately the towing vehicle picks up the vehicle(if the vehicle cant move), but if otherwise the vehicle is taken to our experts workshop. Then the admin manager sends the task to the auto technician, recieves details of what's wrong with the car and asks for the for the quotation on the job to be done. he then communicates to the client on the cost and seek approval for the Auto technician to move immediately to the workshop.

  1. Step 3
  2. When the auto experts gets to the site, he confirms to the admin that the he has begun the service, and the client is immediately contacted on the progress of the vehicle.

  1. Step 4

    When the vehicle is done and tested at the pickup center, and the client is satisfied, he/she pays via the means of payment decided earlier on.

  1. Step5

    After a week the client is contacted on the workdone on his/her vehicle if it still has such problem he or she is asked to come back for a redo of the service but if its in a good state the client is asked to give the auto-technician a 5-star rating, and recommed the website to friends and family.(It should be noted that this is exclusively to the discretion of the client.)


  1. QUESTION 1: How fast do i get a response when i need an artisan?

  2. ANSWER: 2-5 minutes, because we are within your selected location.

  1. QUESTION 2: Can I change my artisan after request?

  2. ANSWER :Yes you can before verification, but after verification charges apply.

  1. QUESTION 3: What if am not satisfied with the service rendered?

  2. ANSWER: Every client has a guarantee of 5 working days to return after unsatisfactory work is done

About Us

Our company is built on core values view our contents below to know more about us


Office Philosophy

We are here to ease you off mobility problems, because we know mobility is directly proportional to productivity. We are here to take out of the net of mobility issues and grant you your desired mobility service


Office Mission & Vission

Our vision is to be one of the top leading artisan networking companies,in Africa by leading technical servicing companies.With substantive investments in;technology, engineering and man-power education, we are propelled to create first class value solution to our clients across board to grant them maximum satisfaction with the work of our artisans.

Our Mission

Our mission is built on providing laudable customer satisfaction to our clients through professionalism,integrity and fast paced technological & engineering solutions which helps improve the lives of our partner{artisans} and affecting our society positively.


Office Value & Rules

We are a body that belives solely in commitment, dilligence, excellence and integrity most importantly fast service.

Our Team

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Mr. Achi Onyema


Miss Elizabeth Tai

Company Secretary

Mr. Muhammad Aminu

Head, ICT

Engr. Ezenwa Obiora

Head, Engineering and Procurement

Mr. Onyeka Nwanketa

Director of Logistics

Miss Wonuola Alonge

Head, Customer Care

Miss Grace Oladetan

Head, Administration and Human Resources

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